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Pamela Anne

Pamela Anne is first a Christian, secondly a Constitutional Republic patriot living in one of the declining blue states that has been primarily governed by Democrats for numerous decades. (Hence the decline.) As a newly defined “far” right winger by the Leftist linguistics practitioners, she admits to promoting, through key stroke and pen: one nation under God (of the Bible), conservative values, and Constitutional principles. Pamela’s background is in communication and management. She can be found on Facebook.


Tina Drake

Arizona PolitiChick Tina Drake is a wife and mother, who earned a degree in Communication from the University of Arizona, where her love for politics grew during college.  Tina is a contributing blogger to www.GirlfriendsAtCentral.com.


Lainie Sloane

California State Director Lainie Sloane started her political activism as a Teen Age Republican (TAR) when she was 14 years old, helping her local college (Purdue University) Young Republicans in door-to-door campaigns, telephone banks and stuffing envelopes. By the time she graduated from high school, local GOP leaders knew her as the “go-to person.” In addition to serving on various local and state campaign committees and managing GOP Campaign Headquarters for two presidential elections, she was appointed by a city judge to serve as interim City Clerk and was awarded an Honorary Indiana Secretary of State by Indiana’s Secretary of State, at that time Ed Simcox, for her extraordinary leadership skills and dedication to the Republican Party in her home state of Indiana. National, local and state GOP leaders endorsed Lainie, including Betty Rendel, former President of the National Federation of Republican Women, for the position of Chair of the Indiana Second Congressional District Young Republicans, which included the Northwest Counties of Indiana, a Democrat stronghold. This position qualified her to sit on the Indiana Young Republicans State Central Committee. After she married Los Angeles native, entertainer J.P. Sloane, they moved to Southern California where she worked in management at Sony Pictures, Walt Disney Company, Warner Bros. Animation and assisted in the start-up and development of a retro record label for Dick Clark Productions. Lainie is a member of and served on the Board of Directors for Los Angeles based Christian Entertainers’ Fellowship. She resides in California with her husband, host of a soon to be released biblically-based Internet television broadcast, "What in the World?" discussing Christian apologetics and prophesy. Currently Lainie is a Business Consultant to the music publishing industry and was recently appointed to the State Leadership Committee for Assemblyman Tim Donnelly for Governor-2014.

Kristen Snow-White

California PolitiChick Kristen Snow-White was born and raised in Central CA. Kristen is the mom of two kids and her 28 y/o son and his wife have a 4 y/o boy and are expecting a daughter in August of this year. She is getting ready for full-on "Empty Nest Syndrome" to hit as her 17 y/o prepares for her final year of High School and plans to head off to college. Kristen is an avid reader, enjoys Crime Dramas on TV and photography. She is also the mom of 3 cats and 1 dog. Her family is sure that she will be the "Crazy Cat Lady" and "Hoarder" of Kindle books without an Intervention in the near future.

Courtenay Turner

California PolitiChick Courtenay Turner is an actress, producer and passionate patriot who aspires to inculcate conservative values into the American culture via entertaining stories.

Maureen Mullins

California PolitiChick Maureen Mullins was born in March 1963 and if ever asked the proverbial “Where were you when JFK was shot?” she may confidently reply, “In my playpen.” Her first true recollection of politics was when the usual after school re-runs of “Gilligan’s Island” and “Hogan’s Heroes” were being pre-empted by the Watergate hearings. This carried through to her discovery of CSPAN, when in doing research for an essay on Abscam for her high school government class, she heard Newt Gingrich giving Special Orders speeches on the subject from the well of the House of Representatives. Her first foray into political activity was to volunteer for the Reagan For President campaign in 1980, as she was only 17 that November and would not be able to cast a vote for him until 1984. She has subsequently done volunteer work on various House and presidential campaigns throughout the years. A dedicated Constitutionalist, one of Maureen’s greatest honors was to be a charter member of Hillary Clinton’s “Vast Right-Wing Conspiracy” and continues to this day to help the people of this country recognize and remember the value of true liberty.

Michelle Moons

California Politichick Michelle Moons is a campaign treasurer pursuing her CPA license. She currently operates her campaign finance business in Carlsbad, California.

Anita Gunn

California PolitiChick "Anita Gunn" is a closeted conservative working the entertainment business. Anita started at a major talent agency, assisting a well-known music agent, and is now a VP at a major movie studio. Anita grew up in a very liberal Jewish home, and bought the Utopian dream of a one world government and social justice for all. Anita did her best to "save the planet," pontificating about how the evil Republicans and greedy corporations were destroying the earth. 9/11 shook Anita's foundation and everything that she believed. By the time Obama burst into the scene in 2007, Anita was morphing into a conservative. “Of course, coming out of the closet as a conservative in the entertainment industry is pretty much career suicide,” she says, so in 2011, the name "Anita Gunn" was born. Anita has done commentary about the culture war on such radio shows as the “Dr. Gina Show,” “Real Side with Joe Messina” and “Socialism is not an Option” on Blog Talk Radio. Anita started a secret conservative Facebook group which has 1000 active members, and is part of another secret group of artists who behind such videos as “Cruz Against the Machine.” There are still some remnants from Anita’s liberal days, “including the love of Astrology and wearing platforms and bellbottoms”--and yet signs of her conservative switch can be seen by her ever-present gun necklace. Anita says her goal is to “help rebrand and hip up the conservative movement to include more artists, musicians, actors, gays and minorities and young people.” Anita's belief is that if she saw the light, there are others who would also embrace the conservative movement, if only just shown the way. Follow Anita Gunn on Twitter @AnitaGunn1.


Karin Piper

Colorado PolitiChick Karin Piper is an award winning author and transparency expert specializing in education and union transparency. She provides policy tools necessary for parents, union memberis, teachers and decision makers to become informed consumers in the educational marketplace. She also serves as executive director of ParentledReform.org, an organization she helped found, and works with various other non-partisan likeminded organizations. Karin was a finalist for OGI’s 2012 Burke-Carr Public Interest Awards and nominated as candidate for Charter School Friend of the Year in 2009. Her knowledge of state and federal open records laws and tireless advocacy for open union negotiations has been featured by major media outlets across the nation. Her debut book, CHARTER SCHOOLS: The Ultimate Handbook for Parents, was awarded “2009 finalist in best books for parenting and education,” by USA Book News and appeared in bookstores around the world. Born and raised in Sweden, she lives in Douglas County, Colorado, the epicenter of education reform. Karin is a frequently sought as a parental voice and expert opinion in response to much of today's political edu-rhetoric and legislation proposals. She has been interviewed by many news outlets, including CBS, NBC, KNUS, EdNews, Denver Post, Los Angeles Times, and many others.

Kathryn Porter

Colorado PolitiChick Kathryn Porter is the Colorado state director for Parent Led Reform. She has a master’s degree in special education and is a former charter school teacher. Kathryn is currently a home educator, homeschool evaluator, and homeschool enrichment class teacher. She is a freelance writer and author of Too Much Stuff: Winning the War Against Clutter. She advocates for policies that support parental rights, especially in the realm of education.


Laura Rambeau Lee

Florida PolitiChick Laura Rambeau Lee is a Citizen Journalist and an active member in the conservative movement in the Tampa Bay area. She has worked in the title insurance and mortgage industries for over 25 years. Finding herself unemployed after the economic collapse she returned to college and graduated with high honors in May of 2013, receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in American Studies with a concentration on Communication from Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida. She writes on political issues locally, nationally, and globally, with particular concentration on education, energy, transportation, and shari’ah in the United States. She contributes to Breitbart.com, Examiner.com, Watchdog Wire, and Smart Girl Politics. She has been a guest on the Dr. Rich Show and John Loeffler’s Steel on Steel radio shows. Laura is married to a retired Army officer and is the mother of one daughter and grandmother of two. You can follow Laura on Twitter @_RightReason, like her page on Face Book at Right Reason, and subscribe to her blog at http://right-reason.com

Lorelei Branam Bennett

Florida PolitiChick Lorelei Branam Bennett is a native of Coral Gables and a recent graduate of Florida International University’s School of Political Science.

Sandra D. Coburn

Sandra D. Coburn is a rare second-generation native Floridian. She earned a B.S.B.A. (Accounting) from the University of Central Florida. A mother of four, she spent many years as a home educator and 4-H leader. Now she keeps books by day and writes by night. She has a passion for life and liberty that she strives to share with the next generation. You can read more from her at www.ZestyC4.us and follow her on Twitter @SDWrites.

Katie Abercrombie

Florida PolitiChick Katie Abercrombie, native of North Carolina and a long-time resident in Florida, is a 20-year homeschooling veteran. Now that her four children are grown, she continues to indulge her love for teaching and learning by tutoring, substitute teaching, and teaching writing classes for homeschoolers. She earned her BS degree from Florida Southern College and her MA from Rollins College. BC, or Before Children, she served as the Director of Youth and Family Ministry at her church and has continued to be active in ministry and leadership in her current church. Homeschooling afforded her many opportunities to be politically active and she recently retired from a term on the Orange County Republican Executive Committee. Like “Katie’s Political Page” on Facebook and follow her on Twitter @aberaussie.

Barbara Cook

Florida PolitiChick Barbara J. Cook (Cookie) is a bodacious, creative conservative desiring to promote conservatism in sunny Florida, and beyond! Run with me into the future on hubpages.com and check some tantalizing recipes out on recipesbycooki.blogspot.com and just because you can, asmileisallittakes.com.

Elizabeth Vale

Florida Politichick Elizabeth Vale is a blogger, speaker, and political activist who lives in South Florida with her husband and four wonderful children. Elizabeth homeschools her children and is active in her local church and community. Before making the all-important decision to stay home with her children, Elizabeth worked in administration at a global corporation. Besides writing and politics she loves coffee, road trips, reading, and fashion – in no particular order. You can find her online at www.godparentingpolitics.com, on Facebook at her page www.facebook.com/ElizabethAnnVale, and on Twitter @GodMomPolitics.

Carolyn Elkins

Florida PolitiChick Carolyn Elkins was born and raised in Canada but is now a proud citizen of the United States. She loves everything about America, especially the military. She has blogged about politics, religious and social issues on her own blogs. A staunch Constitutional Conservative, she studies the Founders and their writings, and uses what she learns to try and educate others. She is the founder of the Constitutional Freedom Party. She is married with one child and has taught American Government and Constitution to her home school co-op group of 12- 14 year olds, instilling in the future generations with a love of America's Constitutional Republic. You can visit her via the Constitutional Freedom Party blog, on twitter @ABiCduckie and @CFP4US


Brenda Collins Morris

State Director of PolitiChicks, Georgia, Brenda Collins Morris is a military wife, mom, conservative, proud unapologetic American! She has campaigned for conservative candidates, supports the Wounded Warrior Project, and served on a Critical Incident Response Team assisting people in the aftermath of tragedies such as 9/11.

Candace Hardin

Georgia PolitiChick Candace Hardin lives in Atlanta. She is the creator and publisher of the literary magazine, Bohemian Renaissance. Candace is 100% fluent in Spanish and a student of Latin. Visit Candace's website: http://kandisays.blogspot.com/

Abigail Adams

Georgia PolitiChick Abigail Adams is the proud daughter of a WWII foot soldier who served on the front lines in France and Germany. Because of her father, she was reared and steeped in patriotism. She is a true southern woman who lives in the foothills of beautiful North Georgia and works as a homemaker.


Leslie Deinhammer

Illinois PolitiChick Leslie Anne Deinhammer, writer, chaplain and proud wife of a Marine Corps veteran, writes on topics of politics, human rights and faith. Follow her at @lesliedhammer on Twitter.


Lydia Goodman

As a Christian conservative, Mississippi PolitiChick Lydia Goodman uses her passion for writing to speak out against progressive policies that threaten to erode our personal rights, freedoms, and traditions. As a writer for PolitiChicks.tv, Lydia has conducted exclusive interviews with Israeli author Lela Gilbert, activist and lead singer of KANSAS John Elefonte, Todd Daniels of the International Christian Concern and others. Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum wrote, “I applaud you for your efforts” regarding Lydia’s exposes on Daughters of the America Revolution. Lydia has been a commentator on the Rick Amato Show, the Dr. Gina Show and the David Webb Show on Sirius XM.


Lisa Payne- Naeger

Missouri PolitiChick Lisa Payne-Naeger is passionate about all things related to influencing the configuration of our culture … family, education, and politics. This homeschooling mom and former school board member is a divorced mother of two teenagers. She has pretty much navigated through every stumbling block possible in her quest to raise and educate her children. Her crusade to make the world a better place for her children has led her to scrutinize, very closely, the directorate that steers society, and then try to change it into a more citizenry friendly nation.


Ruthie Thompson

State Director of Nevada PolitiChicks Ruthie Thompson was born on the Fourth of July and has always been patriotic. She loves her country and holds our troops in the highest of regards. Follow Ruthie Thompson on Twitter and on Facebook

New Jersey

Alyssa Krumm

New Jersey PolitiChick Alyssa Krumm is a conservative activist from New Jersey with a fiery passion for individual liberty and traditional American values. As the creator and editor of ConvictionsofFaith.com, Alyssa speaks unapologetically on everything from national and local political news and cultural issues to philosophy, history and faith. Realizing that the long record of failure in Washington has been at the hands of both political parties, Alyssa focuses on calling out the statists and promoting smart conservative solutions. As a native of the very blue state of New Jersey, Alyssa is no stranger to the politician’s insatiable love of everything big government and their snake oil salesmen tactics which have hypnotized her generation into accepting institutionalized ideological failures. She has made it her personal mission to expose them. Her efforts are rooted not only in opposition to the misguided ideology that her fellow youth have been predisposed to accept, but in support of the truths of history, human experience and common sense. Through her various writings as well as video blogs, and social media coverage of political and grassroots events, Alyssa makes the case for constitutionally limited government and freedom. In addition to writing for ConvictionsofFaith.com, Alyssa’s work is regularly featured on NewsNinja2012.com. Alyssa is one the #NinjaChicks contributing as part of #TeamNinja on the Wayne Dupree Radio Show weekday nights via webcast. Alyssa is an admin and contributor to various conservative and charity initiatives with active followings on social media platforms, mostly notably The Founders Intent, MercuryOne New Jersey and Patriot Quotes.

North Carolina

Elisha Todd

North Carolina Politichick Elisha Todd is on a mission to convert liberals to the truth of Conservatism. She is an unabashedly Christian Tea Partying Reaganite. She holds a Master’s in Education and blogs under the moniker “El Tea.” She is the founder of The Vigiladies, a Conservative women’s action support group, and a member of The League of Extraordinary Women. She is a contributor to the online Rowan Free Press and The People’s Cube. Follow her on Facebook at http://www.facebook.com/el.tea.12.


Julia Gregory Seay

State Director of PolitiChicks, Oklahoma Julia Gregory Seay is a Christian wife and mother, “Conservative to the core” and says she is “loving life in the most Republican County in the nation,” Oklahoma. Julia says her family has an “amazing circle of friends” and they “pray until something happens.”


Margie Wilson-Mars

Oregon PolitiChick State Director Margie Wilson-Mars is a happily married, mother of 8 children, a shockingly young grandma of 3 and mom to a chocolate lab with OCD. She is a 'conservative libertarian' who writes about politics for Gather News and occasionally, Examiner. Margie holds a degree in Early Childhood Education and is currently working on a degree in Political Science. She blogs on two leading parenting websites as an expert in Attachment Parenting, pregnancy, childbirth, breastfeeding, and child rearing. Margie's passions are autism (3 of her sons are autistic), gun rights and the Tea Party. She enjoys reading political non-fiction and biographies, social media, crafts and spending time with her best friend, only daughter, Stephanie. You can follow Margie on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MargieWilsonMars8

Macey France

Oregon PolitiChick Macey France is a stay at home mom of two boys who are now in elementary school. As a mom who has always been interested in politics, religion and all of the taboo subjects, she has always had a lot to say about the state of the nation. When she realized just how far the over reach of the federal government had come with the Common Core Standards, she decided to fight back. She is co-founder of the Stop Common Core in Oregon movement that has joined with Parent Led Reform and become the first sister state in the Parent Led Reform movement. Parent Led Reform Oregon is working with parents across the state to educate and help them to learn how to advocate for their children's education and to stop the CCSI and other nefarious programs that might impinge on their children's right to a free, adequate and outstanding education free from corporations and political plays. A staunch supporter of smaller government and the abolishing of the DOE, IRS and other superfluous government agencies combined with her disappointment in the Republican party to stay true to its conservative roots has put her in limbo. A strong conservative with libertarian leanings makes her more of a "conservatarian." Preserving the constitutional and moral values of that this great nation was founded on for her children is her priority. When she's not having uncomfortable arguments with strangers on Facebook she can be found spending time with her husband of 15 years and two sons. She enjoys reading, crafting and going to the movies.

Dr. Jacqueline Lang

Oregon PolitiChick Dr. Jacqueline Lang is a devoted mother, business and academic professional. She has worked for many years in many different roles including years in leadership roles in management, in the manufacturing, and service industries. She has worked for Fortune 50, Fortune 500, and Private organizations throughout the U.S. and as a U.S. Congressional Campaign Manager. She has also has served 8 years in the United States Army Reserves. Her education includes a PhD Business, MBA and BA in Communication, along with course work in environmental safety training and executive coaching. Currently, Jacqueline divides her time as a Business Faculty, Business Consultant, International Co-Author and Researcher. During her spare time Jacqueline enjoys spending time with her two children, gardening, the Coast and volunteering in several community organizations. Visit Jacqueline's website: http://jblangconsulting.com/


Liz Harrison

Pennsylvania PolitiChick Liz Harrison has been active in politics since the ripe old age of 12, thanks to her parents taking her to work the polls with them. While she's been a life-long conservative - raised on Morton Downey, Jr. - Liz was a registered Democrat until 2000, out of respect for her father, who refused to have a Republican in his family. Thanks to her parents getting her started in the world of politics, she worked several political campaigns, in various capacities, for the better part of 25 years. After "retiring" from campaign work several years ago, Liz started writing on politics. Now, her writing can also be found at GoldwaterGal.com, Conservative Daily News, United Liberty, Misfit Politics, and Examiner.com. Liz broadcasts weekly on FTR Radio (with another Goldwater Gal contributor, Taylor Millard (@EyeDesertBlog). She also hosts “Jabberwonky” and produces a few shows on CDN Radio, where she is the director of programming. Ensuring the next generation of politically active conservatives, Liz and her husband James are raising a politically precocious 12-year-old son, who is "The Pint-Sized Pundit" on his mom's talk shows.

South Carolina

Shannon Grady

South Carolina PolitiChick Shannon Grady was born and raised in South Carolina where her first role in politics was as a member of TARS (Teenage Republicans) at her high school. Graduating in 1988, Shannon was born into the GOP during the Reagan era and still adheres to the conservative values that era represented. She has worked as the state coordinator for SGPA in Hawaii and also volunteered for the McCain campaign while stationed overseas in South Korea with her US Army husband. Currently, she is the South Carolina State Coordinator for Smart Girls Politics Action, a conservative 501c (4) women’s group. This is a role she finds challenging but rewarding since she coordinates events for SC from her husband’s assignment at NATO in Belgium. Shannon is a US Navy veteran, a mother of one, and a veteran teacher of US History, World History, Economics, and Government among other courses. She has a BA in History with secondary education as a minor from the University of South Carolina, a MA in Human Resource Management from Webster University, and is currently working towards a doctorate in Educational Leadership from Liberty University. She has written for the SGPA website for the past year and is excited to write for other organizations that support the US Constitution.

Michele Holt

South Carolina PolitiChick Michele Holt is a small business owner who, along with her husband Dr. Joe Holt, operates Pine Heights Adult Day Center in North Augusta, South Carolina. A mother, christian and conservative contributor, Michele enjoys giving back to the community through various efforts with the non-profit organization she and her husband started in 2004. You can follow Michele on Facebook and also on Twitter @mychel and see more of her writing/articles on her website chelholt.com.

Sonya Sasser

State Director of PolitiChicks South Carolina Sonya Sasser is a graduate of the University of Pittsburgh, Clinical Dietetics, and Nutrition. She has worked in the hospital setting as a clinical dietitian, while actively and enthusiastically promoting fitness nutrition and weight loss (for over 10 years). Find Sonya’s Facebook page Breakthrough Nation.


Patti Barnett Terrell

State Director of PolitiChicks Texas, Patti Terrell is a politically conservative, self-professed nerd with roots that grow deep in the heart of East Texas. She is an advocate of the 2nd Amendment and is rarely unarmed.



BurkaChick grew up in the lovely town of Detroit, Michigan. She remembers a time when the city was booming because of the greedy capitalistic car companies. But now is thrilled the city has finally come into it’s democratic own. BurkaChick says, “Who needs a home or a job in this liberal paradise? All you need is one good bullet proof vest to live in this union-filled utopia! BurkaChick’s idol in her early teens was the President of the United States, Jimmy Carter. She admired his fortitude in all things liberal, but was highly disappointed when Reagan came in and rescued the hostages in Iran after only 444 days in captivity. “What a show-off” she was quoted as saying. She wanted to campaign for Jimmy’s reelection, but there was no gasoline to get to his headquarters. Which was a real bummer since she was living in her car since the mortgage interest rate was at 22%. BurkaChick then went on to…well, she doesn’t really doesn’t remember much since she was wasted through most of the eighties and nineties. Today she is an avid fan of Obama’s. She can’t wait till George Clooney remakes a film about the life of Michelle Obama in the Whitehouse called, “The King and I”. She is a hugh fan of “The View”, Susan Sarandon, MSNBC, all things uber liberal and of course Occupy Wallstreet. BurkaChick loves what Occupy stands for and has volunteered to help decorate their rape tents and paint all porta-potties to resemble police vehicles.


Julie Klose

Virginia Politichick Julie Klose is a wife, mother, teacher and blogger who is passionate about Christian Conservative values in the political world. Her political writing focuses on issues that directly relates to her children, education and religion. She is not afraid of tackling the social issues and strongly believes that politics and religion should mix for the sake of standing up for the First Amendment. Follow Julie Klose on Twitter @thevelvetbrick1 or find her on her Facebook page The Velvet Brick.

Jin Ah Jin

Virginia PolitiChick Jin Ah Jin is the very busy mother of 6 children ranging from ages 5 to 21. She has been very active politically in grassroots activity in Northern Virginia.

Danielle Saul

Virginia PolitiChick Danielle Saul graduated from Minnesota State University, Moorhead in 2012 with a degree in Communication Studies. While on campus Danielle was President of her College Republicans, Chair of the MSUM Student Senate Legislative & Internal Affairs Committee, and Founder of MSUM Students Against Human Trafficking. After graduating, Danielle got hired as the Youth Coordinator for George Allen’s campaign for the U.S. Senate before coming on board with the Leadership Institute as the Campus Election Coordinator. After successfully helping over one hundred students get elected to serve on their student governments, Danielle joined the Leadership Institute’s studio team as their Digital Video Producer.

Jenny Kefauver

Virginia PolitiChick Jenny Kefauver is a longtime public relations professional who owns JK Public Relations. She works with a variety of clients including New York Times best-selling author Scott McEwen, author and investigative reporter Richard Miniter, Lt. Col. Dave Grossman/Killology Research Group, Southeastern Legal Foundation, Center for America, the American Media Institute, and numerous others. When she’s not working, she enjoys spending time with her two kids, husband and three dachshunds. She lives in Northern Virginia.