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New Details In Sniper Attack On CA Power Station Suggest Terrorism

February 6, 2014 at 1:26 pm / by

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As a Christian conservative, Mississippi PolitiChick Lydia Goodman uses her passion for writing to speak out against progressive policies that threaten to erode our personal rights, freedoms, and traditions.… More

There are new details concerning the sniper attack on a San Jose electric substation– the day after the Boston Marathon bombings– that strengthen the argument that this may have been a methodically planned attack of the worst kind. Although the FBI has not labeled the attack an act of terrorism, facts are emerging that provide a convincing case that this may have not been  just a case of misguided high-jinks committed by partiers while out of a night on the town. The FBI does not believe it was domestic or international terrorists who engaged in the attack, according to FBI spokesman Peter Lee,  who notes that the case is still under investigation and no one has been arrested. Others are not so sure.

“This wasn’t an incident where Billy-Bob and Joe decided, after a few brewskies, to come in and shoot up a substation,” Mark Johnson, a retired PG&E vice president was quoted as saying. “This was an event that was well thought out, well planned and they targeted certain components,” according to The Wall Street Journal on Wednesday. “My personal view is that this was a dress rehearsal” for future attacks,” added Johnson. Foreign Policy reported that the former PG&E vice president for transmission operations also said at a conference last November that “these were not amateurs taking potshots.” Read the rest of the article here.

NPR also weighs in on the Journal’s story:

The attack at the electricity transmission substation — located next to the Metcalf power plant — happened shortly before 2 a.m. on April 16 last year, when one or more individuals took up positions along Coyote Ranch Road and “began shooting rounds at the equipment, according to a California Public Utilities Commission report. Reportedly firing bullets like those used by AK-47s — an assault weapon favored by terrorists — they blasted 17 transformers and 6 circuit breakers, and caused $15.4 million in damage. Read the rest of the story here.

Again, here are the facts, as reported:

  • Six telephone lines, in an underground vault, were cut with-in half an hour of the attack.
  • The perpetrator(s)  methodically fired bullets from assault weapons favored by terrorists.
  • Small piles of rocks were discovered which may have been placed there earlier to mark prime firing positions.
  • More than 100 fingerprint-free shell cases were found in the area.
  • 17 transformers and 6 transformers were blasted, causing $15.4 million in damage.
  • The attack is not considered domestic terrorism by the FBI.


Lydia Goodman

As a Christian conservative, Mississippi PolitiChick Lydia Goodman uses her passion for writing to speak out against progressive policies that threaten to erode our personal rights, freedoms, and traditions. As a writer for PolitiChicks.tv, Lydia has conducted exclusive interviews with Israeli author Lela Gilbert, activist and lead singer of KANSAS John Elefonte, Todd Daniels of the International Christian Concern and others. Phyllis Schlafly of Eagle Forum wrote, “I applaud you for your efforts” regarding Lydia’s exposes on Daughters of the America Revolution. Lydia has been a commentator on the Rick Amato Show, the Dr. Gina Show and the David Webb Show on Sirius XM.

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  • edav38

    Yea, I keep getting attacked by those who have their heads buried in the sand, when i say this was a prelude to a possible terror attack, they Refuse to Understand what a hit on the power grids would do. They try to cite that most of the world lives without power, but Refuse to understand what this would do to THIS country, where No One (almost) lives without power, the panic it would cause, and how quickly civilization would break down without the Power Grid

    • siquijorisland

      people who make the comment that most of the world lives with out power have no clue what this means. Electrical power is an empowering technology in that is allows economic growth. Can you imagine try to keep you food fresh in 90 degree weather without some form of refrigeration. Just imagine life for people with critical care issues and no power in the emergency room.
      Here in the not so developed world power is sometime, on and off, and always more expensive than the people who do not know, in the United States

      • edav38

        have you always been an idiot?

        • siquijorisland

          You are proof of the point, as you can not understand the truth.
          No facts just foolish name calling.

          • edav38

            Really, so in YOUR Opinion, if someone calls Abortion MURDER, and that Planned Parenthood Performs Infant Murders, this FACT is just “Name Calling”

            It is Sad when Humans are so Willfully Ignorant to PROVEN SCIENCE. It HAS been PROVEN that the Spark Of Life Begins the Instant that the sperm breaks through the walls of the Ova. Since Liberals are Always trying to make Science be on their side, they ALWAYS Ignore when Science Disproves them!

          • siquijorisland

            Really, what are you talking about?
            What does this have to due with energy?

  • William Henry Bowen

    I know exactly where that substation & power plant are in south San Jose, and they feed a number of high tech plants including an IBM plant in the area. If this attack was not an act of terrorism (or a “dry run”) then you can boil me in transformer oil.

  • daddyhawg

    It is interesting that when this first came to light, one of the senators I believe, immediately said the shooters used military style firearms. How was this determined? Also, how do they know it was AK-47 ammunition, unless they have actual shell casings. Seems there is a lot of information being slipped to the general public to aide in painting a desired picture.

    • HeFooledYou

      The article says there were over 100 casings recovered.
      AK47 ammo is 7.62×39

      • daddyhawg

        As with the SKS and a few other rifles. The article says 100 fingerprint free casings were recovered, but does not give the caliber. I really do not trust politicians when it comes to describing firearms as they have shown a complete lack of knowledge on the subject.


    I know! It was “Workplace Violence”, just like it was at Fort Hood.

  • The duck

    There is no need to argue with Obama about gun control. The reason is our constitution allows for States to NULLIFY unconstitutional regulations and laws that originate with the Federal Government. 10 states already have done so on gun control and the same thing should happen on voter registration which several states have done and many others are Nullifying. That protects the voting booths from illegals. Showing a picture ID and proof of citizenship is a states right. The US Election Assitance Commision set it’s own regulations to allow illegals to sware they are citizens and then vote no ID required. Illegal without a doubt. Our constitution allows for nullification in these instances. Be sure to go after your state house’s to force them to follow the constitution NULLIFYING Obama and his agencies.

  • dave

    “not considered terrorism by the FBI”, yet this is a group which has often been accused of creating false flag events going back to the ’60′s. So maybe the FBI did the deed? Why? I don’t know, testing responses maybe, testing to see if the plan was workable or only a pipe dream? You’d have to ask them what reasons they’d have for doing something like this. It could also be a bid by utility industry folks for more fed funds to ‘harden’ substations – and OH! BTW, that might be a reason for the FBI to be the shooters as well. Watch and see if it results in more Uncle Sugar funds to achieve power grid hardening. (We probably need that anyway, but it often takes shooting something or someone or blowing something up to get attention in Congress.)
    Alternatively, it could have been an angry customer deciding to ‘punish’ the company financially for some perceived or actual abuse. Or a ‘terra-rizer’ exercise. We don’t know, and can’t trust the government to be truthful about anything these days, so who knows?

  • Merlinever

    Of course it was terrorists – specifically, Islamic jihadist terrorists – who carried out the attack on the San Jose, California power station.
    They were doing a sort of dress rehearsal to see how difficult or easy it would be to shut down the electrical power for a specific region.
    And they must have been absolutely delighted with the results of their efforts.
    And you can bet this is part of a preparation for a much bigger future attack for a strategic purpose.
    Unfortunately, our country’s defense against Islamic jihadist terrorism is, at best, nothing but a wall composed almost completely of Achilles heels.